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Matt & Regan

Matt and Regan are Idaho natives who do it all! Regan opened Charelton Law where she practices family law, and Matt is a Program Manager at Cradle Point Telecommunications. Not only are they total bosses, but they love mountain biking, camping, working out, and throwing swanky parties. Most of all they love spending time with family.

I have had the pleasure of working on their first home when Matt discovered an unfortunate leak. Recently, they moved into a gorgeous new home–and took their plumber with them to install a water softener to protect their plumbing system.

Kari & Clay Hawks

Kari & Clay Hawks

Kari and Clay both work in healthcare, which makes sense since they are both very kind and caring people. They are both easy going and a lot of fun to be around!

They have a beautiful home on the bench that they have improved extensively over the years. It does, however, have some older plumbing in parts of the home, and I have had the pleasure of updating some of these components. Clay used to build houses, so he has very high standards, and Astronaut Plumbing is both honored and pleased for the opportunities to live up to those standards!

Bob Barrow

Bob Barrow

At Astronaut Plumbing, we only work with the best.

Bob is one of the friendliest and most fun person you could hope to meet! He has been a builder for decades, and one of his specialties is high-end custom remodels. A good General Contractor makes all the difference when adding value and beauty to your home.

Not only is working for Bob and his crew easy and streamlined, but fun.

If you want to create your dream home, whether it be from the ground up or transforming an existing structure, Barrow Design and Construction will impress you!

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