Plumbing Repairs

You know it when you hear it, the incessant drip coming from your kitchen or bathroom faucet. It’s annoying and can be a major inconvenience. Maybe you’ve noticed your water bill has increased even though you haven’t changed your typical usage. Leaking or cracked plumbing can potentially become dangerous and cause further damage. If you ignore the problem or opt for a quick and temporary fix, it may develop into a much larger issue and could even contaminate your water.

As soon as you notice a leak or any other damage to the plumbing in your bathroom or kitchen, call us at Astronaut Plumbing and we’ll quickly develop a plan to resolve the issue. We can handle any plumbing repair that you may need including leaking pipes, drain leaks, running or leaking toilets, jammed or leaking garbage disposal, garbage disposal replacement, dysfunctional water heaters, and water heater replacement.

planet line drawing

planet line drawing

At Astronaut Plumbing, we offer stellar service and impeccable workmanship without breaking your budget. Our mission is to ensure our customers are completely satisfied and know that they have received effective and honest service.

If you have a drip or a leak, call us immediately to limit the damage and quickly fix the problem!

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