Ben & Isana Bengoetxea

Ben and Isana recently moved into a new home and needed to have the laundry relocated to better suit their needs, and have discovered a few repairs since then as well. They have been loyal customers, and I appreciate their continued trust when it comes to maintaining and upgrading their home.

Ben is a Senior Software Engineer, and has a hobby business called Boicot making bags for bicycle touring. Isana is a Registered Nurse in Pre-Op, and is on the board of the Basque Center. They met as little kids (as in 10 years old), and connected through the Oinkari Basque Dancers, which they are still passionately involved with, and teach kids to dance as well. They have a 10 month old daughter, Ixone, who may likely dance before she walks! They are both very kind and interesting people, and it is a pleasure to work with them!

Michael Davis

Michael is humble, so it takes some getting to know time to realize just how cool he is. For example, I recently learned that he toured with bands for years as support staff, including Stereolab for 6 of them. These tours have taken him all over the world, and his network of friends is global. He still loves to travel with his wife Jane and his 2 teenagers (all of which are just as cool). They recently returned from a trip to Europe, and he gave me some tips on where to stay in Greece. Michael works now as a Nurse Manager at St. Lukes, and rides his bike to work every day.

The project I did at his house was one of those horror stories, where it snowballed into a much larger project. When I discovered an old septic tank under the concrete floor in his basement, he was more calm about the stinky discovery than me! Where many people would have (justifiably) freaked out, he simply re-stated that he chose me for the job because he trusted I’d do the best I could. Thank you Michael for your trust and confidence!

Posted in News developer June 28, 2023
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Matt & Regan

Matt and Regan are Idaho natives who do it all! Regan opened Charelton Law where she practices family law, and Matt is a Program Manager at Cradle Point Telecommunications. Not only are they total bosses, but they love mountain biking, camping, working out, and throwing swanky parties. Most of all they love spending time with family.

I have had the pleasure of working on their first home when Matt discovered an unfortunate leak. Recently, they moved into a gorgeous new home–and took their plumber with them to install a water softener to protect their plumbing system.